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Adult acne... that sounds nice

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Last week’s blog post was lengthy and super deep, I know. I had such wonderful feedback and I am so grateful. But…. Dun, dun, dun…. while many asked for more blogs on my life experiences and history, others asked for skincare, makeup, and product tips. So, to keep it equal, I will be alternating skincare/makeup/product tips every other week with my personal life stories. Plus, if you follow me on IG, I share many tips and new products on my stories.

This week I want to talk about skincare and how this journey is still not an easy one for me. Let me tell ya…. I say is… as in present tense because ‘was in past tense is sooo not realistic.

I have to work on my facial skincare every single day, and the day that I am too lazy or stray from my process, I break out like a friggen teenage boy. I was one week away from going on that skincare medication that has many side effects that I do not want to mention. Not that anything is bad with this said medication, however I have heard more horror stories than not. Yes, those who I spoke with have clearer skin in result of this medication, however, started getting all these complications with their bodies years later… Coincidence? While I try to do most things holistically as possible, I do also have an open-mind toward medicine and am in no way partial to taking medication. I personally was too afraid to try this medication and chose against it.

I am so, so jealous of those who have that perfectly clear, dewy skin with zero effort, ugh. I have never been that person that some stranger walks up to and compliments on their skin because of its clarity or glow. I am typically the person that compliments others' on their skin. I am that person who has to constantly maintain her skin regime, otherwise it’s all breakouts —gross! I have tried every kind of topical ointment, I have tried the infamous acne cleansers and moisturizes, I have tried the antibiotics, and everything known to man that are the steps to try, directed by a dermatologist, prior to resorting to the last step on my plan, which was drum roll ---- that said acne medication.

Throughout high school my skin was fairly clear. I broke out here and there during that time of the month and that’s about it. I used to go tanning ALLLLLL the time too, which helped dry up anything in my face. I was a smoker too---soooo friggen gross!!! All of this shit was affecting my skin and I didn't even know it, and NO I DIDN'T LISTEN TO MY MOM when she kept telling me to stop tanning. WTH KARINAAAA!!!

My skin was ‘glowing’ during pregnancy. I did not develop acne until after I had my son. Adult Acne to be exact---goodie! The wonderful joys of hormonal changes that happen post pregnancy. During that time, I was working at a hair salon and I always told my co-worker (who was twice my age), how much I admired her skin. She referred me to her esthetician and told me what she does for her skin…. Chemical Peels—seems simple enough right? Then, that woman told me how long she has been getting these chemical peels –OVER TEN YEARS and I was blown away. Not only by her skin, but the fact that she has been committed to this person for so long…

My co-worker told me the only way I would start noticing a difference in my skin, was if I were consistent with the peels. I made an appointment with the esthetician she referred me to (name not mentioned because I am not sure if she is taking new clients, however, please reach out to me if you are in the Buffalo area and I will find out for you).

I told her my horrid derm stories and acne issues. She assessed my skin and told me exactly what plan I need to go on and what chemical peel I need to do. She then also explained the importance of consistency due to cell and skin turn-over and basically, we were starting a path to ‘tame’ my skin. She told me the honest truth of what I have been seeking and told me let’s try this last step prior to you going on that said medication, and am I glad I did…

For about five years now, I have been seeing this esthetician every 4-5 weeks for my regular chemical peel. My acne stopped about a year into doing the peels regularly and I have never been so happy. People started coming up to me… complimenting me on my skin..WHAT?! I was finally the person that was being complimented on her skin?!

My skin is very important to me. I do not know one person, male or female, that does not constantly want to work on their face, especially as we age. Now that my skin has been under control, I have turned to a full medical grade skin care line, ZO Skin Health, among some other products from Skinceuticals, Lycopene Skin Care, and anything that is recommended to me by this esthetician and another Med Spa owner, Leah, that I met along the way. Basically, what they recommend to me, I purchase and use CONSISTENTLY. They know my skin and I have full trust in them with whatever products they recommend to me.

Keep in mind, peels are an expense and an investment, so is medical skin care. Along with the $$$$ part, you have to stick with your regime, of every 4-5 weeks or as recommended by your esthetician and then …continue to do you morning and nightly routine at home.

Some rules for peels are: obviously don’t go tanning, it’s bad for you to begin with, but you should not tan immediately before or after a chemical peel. Another rule is to never, and I mean neverrrrr get facial waxing, threading, sugaring of any kind done immediately prior to or after a chemical peel. I typically schedule my waxing and peels two weeks apart.

Also, do not overdo it on your skin either. It takes time and patience. Just two years ago, I started incorporating Hydrafacials once every 2-3 months or so. It has been helping to ‘suck out’ any impurities in my skin and also give it a good cleanse. The best Hydrafacial I have had thus far, is at Revel Medical Beauty Club in Toronto. Leah and her staff are amazing at what they do, and yes, I am coo-coo and drive about 2 hours to get the Hydrafacials. I have tried many places in Buffalo and haven’t found great result as I have with Revel Medical in Toronto. I am also huge on going to people by word-of-mouth and from seeing their work. I would highly recommend contacting Leah from Revel for your skincare and cosmetic injectable needs.

My advice to anyone looking for answers for their skin care, reach out to your esthetician. If you do not have one, ask from those whose skin you admire. I always prefer and trust a referral from word-of-mouth rather than searching online. Also, be prepared to change some things around and stick to it. For example, my chin and cheeks break out from milk and too much dairy. I changed my diet to remove milk, yogurt, and cheese. I freaking love cheese, so when there’s a charcuterie board in front of me, all bets are off. But, during the week or if I am out to eat, I avoid dairy. I switched from cow’s milk to almond milk, and changed my yogurts to almond milk yogurts. Again, stick to it and be patient.

Your skin will adjust, it takes time. Also, there is a period where your skin will just break out for a while due to all the impurities being pulled to the surface, opening your pores. From there, it heals and does get better, I promise.

As far as makeup, I would recommend going to Sephora or Ulta and try different products there or ask for samples of what you want to try. If it’s foundation and you are unsure between five different foundations, ask for samples! Then take your samples home and try the products with your daily routine. See how the makeup sits throughout the day, if it starts to crease, if it’s too oily, if it's cracking or getting dry, or if it sits nicely. Learn your skin and love your skin! I will not stray from medical grade skincare products and will not try new things unless I read the ingredients first. Do your research online too, read ingredients in products and search what ingredients are bad in products. The world wide web is your skincare research oyster!

So, let’s end on a positive note…There is always a solution to a problem, I found mine and hope you do too!

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