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Take a chill pill mom

Writers block hit me HARDDD this week, not because there was nothing in my brain that I wanted to talk about, but because my brain has been spinning in circles this week and no matter how hard I tried, it has been in a whirlwind from home schooling, to juggling businesses, doing home projects and I mean lots of home projects…and somehow fit in my favorite things – testing and reviewing products and trying new makeup looks.

At this point, both my son and I are mentally done with school work as I am sure most moms and kids are as well. With the weather getting warmer and the assignments getting a tad easier...We are OVERRRRR IT. Baseball has been cancelled for the summer season, boy scouts, swimming, you name it…and now I am waiting, as I am sure as most of the world is, to see if camps or daycare centers will open for the summer season. If not, I’d like to hear the plans moms have for their kids for the summer. Keeping them busy and entertained and not being able to hang out with friends... MOMS!! Where ya’ll AT?! I need some plans, ideas, motivation!!!!!

Normally, I am a very organized, to-do list person, but the last week or so, I have just put that to-do list aside and haven’t really touched it. I’m not stressed, but I am procrastinating, and I hate when I do that. So, while I have had a very stress-free week, I also feel like I did not get many things accomplished. On the other hand, my brain is screaming at me telling me all of the things I could have taken care of this week and I feel defeated. I think that is a way for our body to tell us to sloooooww the EFF down and take a chill pill for a bit. Does anyone else feel this way? One week you’re doing a million things and the next you just want to be a couch potato and not touch the laundry? HAHA, because that was definitely me this week, except all I wanted to do is enjoy some sunshine. Typically, in summers, I realized I am at work half the time and my son is in camp. From there we are running around to extracurriculars and then between dinner and back to the same thing the next day, I really have not enjoyed a summer in a very long time—like really enjoyed a summer, laid out and just relaxed, took it easy and enjoyed spending time with their kids. Anyone else get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and forget to enjoy life while living it?

So that’s what I did this past week, I relaxed. I took it easy on my son with homework this week and we decided we needed a break. I noticed the couple of days that we did take a break, my son and I started enjoying activities more and simply hanging out--- I think he forgot what a cool mom he has – HAHA. Between the strict homework mom, the clean your room mom, the wake up on time mom, and everything else in between--- I was reminded that I have a blast with my son and I need to take a beat and enjoy this time, especially this summer season with him. I didn’t post much on social media this past week and I’m certain many moms and influencers feel these weeks as they come and go. So once again, to end this on a positive note, while I was hard on myself for not going above and beyond as I typically do, I told myself that some days require that recharge and that is exactly what I am going to do – recharge. What do you do to recharge? What are your summer plans for your kids? I think I have been in such a whirlwind for a while, that I do not know how to relax anymore. I want to hear from you! I know this is short and sweet, and I know many of you want to read more about my life. But this is my life, some weeks are better than others, and this week I really needed to re-balance and take a beat.

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